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Old Posts About Old Books

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is on my to read list. I’m not sure I ever read it before. Also, Call It Sleep, which is in the same category of books about the immigrant experience and coming of age in New York City in the olden days in ethnic neighborhoods, and which I know for sure I never read before.

Also, my 24-year-old daughter read Gone With the Wind (actually, she might have read it when she was 23), and she both loved it, and also was taken aback by the racism. And she’s really, really progressive and not racist or homophobic or any of those awful things, so maybe that will make Kit feel better about herself.

Although who knows what she thinks now, because this post is close to a year old, but I really enjoyed reading it, so it doesn’t really matter how old it is.


One comment on “Old Posts About Old Books

  1. steeleweed
    March 10, 2014

    Call It Sleep is a great novel, too long overlooked.

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