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Unipolar, AKA Depressed Almost Always

I just learned this word today. It’s what Bluestalking is. It’s what I am, too.

A “normal” person is usually reasonably happy, sometimes really happy, and has occasional sad moments which pass fairly quickly. Also, the sad moments usually have an actual cause, such as the death of a loved one, seldom hitting out of nowhere.

A bipolar person, on the other hand, boings all over the place – some more rapidly and extremely than others. Seriously depressive – even suicidal – episodes bounce back up to exhilarating highs, with no particular rhyme or reason. During the highs bipolar individuals believe they can do anything, that they’re extraordinarily talented in some way. And usually they are, often geniuses in their field.

Then you have the “unipolar” person, who spends most of her time in the darkness, occasionally dipping down into the dangerously dark, hardly ever achieving “normal.” In fact, those afflicted with unipolar are often uncertain what “normal” even is, having seldom – or never – experienced it.

And that’s where I am, hanging out in the unipolar region where it’s usually pretty dark and grim.


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