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Recycling Books

Eco Women has a great post about how to make more room on your bookshelves, help the planet, and encourage the reading habit, all at the same time: Swap those books ! (at least the paperback ones) at Paperback Swap:

The concept is simple:  People post their extra books at the PBS website.  Other people browse the offerings and, when they find something they like, ask the owner of the book to mail it to them.  The owner of the book prints out a mailing label, pays Media Rate postage (usually around $2.50), and sends the book to the person who wants it.  Once the book is received, the first person gets a credit that can be used to acquire a new book at no cost to them.  That’s right, it doesn’t cost any money to receive books, as long as you have credits in your account.

Through PBS, Recycla has been able to share dozens of her books with other people, then use her credits to find new books.  Some are books that she had wanted to read for a while, but they weren’t at her library; while others have been serendipitous finds that she discovered while browsing the PBS website.

There are other sites that operate on the same concept, such as Book Mooch, Book Crossing, and goodreads.


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