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A Needy Meme

I spotted this on one of WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed” featured blogs:

Inspired by an FB post, I thought I’d try out this exercise.

  • Google your name and the word “needs” [i.e. ABIGAIL needs]
  • B) Click search
  • C) Record the first 10 results

Here is Google’s assessment of my needs:

  1. Kathy needs to start poking at Ricky Martin.
  2. Kathy needs to give herself some credit.
  3. Kathy needs to be a woman named Kathy Needs, who writes and perform original music.
  4. Kathy needs a komb (or comb).
  5. Kathy needs candy bars.
  6. Kathy needs more attention.
  7. Kathy needs the same things that this other Kathy needs (obviously, this meme has been going around for a while).
  8. Kathy needs mafia. (And if I looked like this, I probably would get mafia real quick.)
  9. Kathy needs to know who she should date to get off the D-list.
  10. Kathy needs… ummm, a new middle name?

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