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Be a Book Activist

Like Mikey McKernan, proprietor of Skylights Books in Los Angeles:

People show up outside our store and act – activists for a cause (Greenpeace, Save the Children, etc.). I have seen some wonderful receptions from people and some bad ones too. Like one time a young lady told a gentleman in a blue shirt that he was “the disturbance of peace!” I found that funny to use as comedic material in front of a group of strangers. I give it up to them though. They believe in causes that are humane and evolutionary. It can be very inspiring. After a while, I began to think about: what would I love to advocate?

The only subject I really like to encourage people to do is read, but where to do that? I already work at a neat bookstore so that’s out of the bucket. I needed to do it at a place where folks aren’t thinking of ink and paper. Then I realized I can just go to my friends house where they are GLUED to their video game console. …

As I walked into my homie’s pad, the situation was beautiful. 4-5 dudes huddled around the couch, watching murder after murder on the telly with no idea I’d even showed up. I slowly stepped right up behind them, held my hardback book in the air, and slammed it hard on the wood floor. The second the slap was heard, they all jumped and turned, and then I yelled: “ITS JUST MATTER THAT MATTERS! READ BOOKS EVERYDAY!’ Then disappeared. Without looking at their faces, I raced out the door and down the street. No clue if they got the act, but at least I tried. Besides, now they have a free copy of Twilight – something to talk to their ladies about. // <![CDATA[//

Awesome, huh?


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This entry was posted on June 1, 2010 by in Book Activism, Reading Life.
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