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New to the Blogroll

Latest additions:

  • Bluestocking: I feel really pleased with myself that I figured out “JRT” means Jack Russell Terrier. Her kids are adorable, she re-reads books like Crime and Punishment, and she takes absolutely stunning close-up photographs of robins. Also, if all of that isn’t enough, I loved her piece — called “Another instance in which words fail me” — on Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s Confederate History Month that didn’t include slavery, and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour’s subsequent public observation that the omission of slavery from a National Confederacy Month was a “diddly” matter. I wrote about that at my other blogging home, The Moderate Voice, and I was impressed to see a topic like that on a book blog.
  • FictionBitch: The title speaks for itself. Elizabeth Baines writes fiction and blogs about fiction. As an intermittent blogger myself, I am pleased to find others who don’t always post on a daily basis, and in Baines’s case, I am intrigued by her thoughts on why — in addition to being busy with other things, it’s the tension between the instant gratification of social networking and the more shaped and crafted writing of blogging:

    … on social networking sites you can get instant feedback and have instant conversations – and without having to write whole mini-essays – and reach a wider audience than just the blogging fraternity. Another thing which has struck me is that by the time you get around to blogging about an issue, on Twitter or Fb things have moved on, and it’s become old hat.

    But that, precisely, is the value of blogs. The reason that sometimes one doesn’t instantly get around to blogging about an issue is that blogs can take a commitment of time, and the reason they do us that is that they can also take a commitment of thought. A blog, it seems to me, is an excellent vehicle for contemplating nuances which can easily be submerged in instant discussions.

  • The Book Smugglers: Thea and Ana are “two completely obsessed, sad, sick [book] addicts” whose habit of ordering piles of books from Amazon, having them delivered to their offices, and then  “smuggling” them home, “a few at a time,” to avoid the sharp scrutiny of their Significant Others, became the inspiration for this blog. The writing and design are just as stylish and fun as one would expect from two with such an abundance of ingenuity and attitude.
  • The New Book Review: A blog where readers, authors, and reviewers can submit reviews of their favorite books. Detailed guidelines for submission are included.

Welcome to the Sea of Reads blogroll, all.


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