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Booktopia News and Notes

Just added The Daily Beast’s book blog to my roll.

I love Michael Bhaskar’s rules for reading, especially numbers 4 and 5:

4.) Go to bed early and read in bed. I used to love reading in bed. It’s cosy, relaxing and uninterrupted. Somehow though it’s so easy to fall into the routine of feeling utterly knackered and incapable of even glancing at words in bed. The solution is simple. No more pointless late night meals. Do not watch the budget 80s action film just starting on Film4. Go. To. Bed.

5.) Take it one book at a time. Starting more than one book leads only to confusion and despair, causing the literary equivalent of paralysis. Enough!

In bed is one of my two favorite places to read — the other being my wonderful huge recliner with foot rest in the living room. And Bhaskar’s advice to “take it one book at a time” totally suits my temperament and inclination, anyway. I have to finish a book before I start a new one.

I found this list via a link at RobAround Books. Rob was inspired by Bhaskar’s reading rules to come up with his own. They are all good, sensible rules. I am a bit skeptical about the last one, though:

Do you know another great opportunity, provided you don’t suffer from motion sickness? It’s a little activity I like to call ‘walk reading’, which, as the name suggests, is reading while you’re walking (pretty cryptic eh? :) ). Sure it may look a bit goofy walking down the street with your face in a book (or better still, an ereader because the pages don’t flap about), and there may be a bit of a knack to doing it right without causing injury to yourself or others, but if you do a lot of getting from A to B on foot (or you have a walk-obsessed Labrador like me), then there’s a load of reading opportunity to be gained from engaging in the art of ‘walk reading’.

Rob does provide a disclaimer, but even still. …

These Brits Scots, you know. They are a bit eccentric. But that’s why I love them.

Oh, and the Picador blog is going on my roll, too.


2 comments on “Booktopia News and Notes

  1. Rob
    February 26, 2010

    Hahaha…eccentric Kathy?!? Well thinking about it, yeah I guess I am, but all the extra reading time I give myself Kathy, that’s got to be worth it right?

    Given the choice though I think I’d rather be reading on that wonderful recliner you talk about. Sounds like the perfect place.

    Anyway thanks for the mention and good luck with the reading (whether you do it walking or not :)).

    • Kathy
      February 26, 2010

      Thanks for being a good sport, Rob. I really was teasing, since Brits are all supposed to be “eccentric,” right? 🙂

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