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A Kindred

Tao Lin has somehow gotten inside my inner world:

do i need to blog

days have passed, i don’t know how many

when did i last blog

has it been more than a week

should i lay in a fetal position

without new content can a blog survive

will this blog have zero hits a day

can blogger cancel my account

when will the next news item arrive

what is bookforum waiting for

nylon’s article on muumuu house is in march and i can link that

but what month is it right now, really early in february

i have contemplated putting 3-7 news items in one post (‘3x news item,’ ‘7x news item’) but i have not done that

i don’t know

can a blog survive

am i going to die

is it okay to keep doing something if it isn’t exhibiting exponential growth

what is more important, exponential growth or steady cash flow

should i kill myself if hits go below 400 unique visitors, even on weekends

how many days a week do i need to blog to maintain 600 unique visitors

and is the opposite of exponential growth the paris review or something like the missouri review

That’s just the beginning. There is the blog address: Anyone who has the kind of mind to come up with an address like that is worth a second look. Actually, many more than that.

Tao Lin creates a graph of his cognitive processes and his development as a human being, and above those two, he places a graph of his “feelings about the two graphs below this graph (and this graph).”

If he were not 33 years younger than I am, and if he had been born on Long Island instead of in Virginia, and if his parents were Jewish and European instead of from Taiwan, and a few other details, I would say he and I were twins separated at birth.

At any rate, I’m glad I found his blog.


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